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ALMACO is not a typical manufacturing environment – we are a team-build atmosphere that creates each piece of equipment to the customer’s specifications. Our employees are skilled craftspeople who pride themselves on their quality and ingenuity.

Steel Processors begin our Manufacturing process by cutting, bending, and preparing the metal that goes into our Fabrication department. Welder Fabricators receive the metal and build the pieces into subassemblies and parts that are put together to make our combines and planters. Each piece goes through our own Paint Booth, and is assembled into finished machines by our Final Assemblers, who also add hydraulic and electrical components. Skilled Quality Inspectors and Testers ensure that each machine is created to customer specifications and ALMACO standards.


Employees who work in the Manufacturing department enjoy the friendly, team atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else. ALMACO can also offer a lot of flexibility in your work hours, as we don't have set start and end times, and we're usually able to accommodate if employees need to take off time during the day, take longer lunches, or even work a four day schedule in some departments. Since our equipment is custom, ALMACO offers a lot of variety in day-to-day work, and many abilities to grow, both in knowledge and skill.

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