Specialized Plot Combine - SPC40

Multi-Crop quality and versatility.

The SPC40 is the industry's most flexible plot combine, offering more customized options than any other seed research combine on the market. It includes ALMACO's patented automated seed packaging technology.  Perfect for multi-crop plot harvesting including: soybeans, corn, rice, small grains and Hemp in all crop research field configurations.

Financing and leasing options available

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  • Multi-crop test plot harvester
  • High-tech operator’s cabin
  • Optional environmental enclosure for weight and moisture seed analysis system
  • Sample storage under cabin floor
  • Numerous sample handling options
  • Pneumatic seed delivery system provides less seed damage, higher germination rates, lower maintenance and faster sample delivery
  • Air column cleaning system ensures sample purity
  • Cab    
    • Two-person cab 
    • Sound insulation
    • Interior cab lighting
    • Sample bag storage provided through cab floor
  • Drive
    • Hydrostatic traction drive, forward and reverse
    • Caterpillar water-cooled, diesel engine 
    • Oil cooling fan
    • Large fuel tank, 35-gallon capacity
    • 14.9-24 front tires, 8-ply; 8.5L-14 rear tires, 6-ply
    • Power steering
    • Hydraulic failsafe brakes
  • Threshing
    • All metal raspbar, closed threshing cylinder, 15” x 31.5” with 8 metal raspbars
    • Hydraulically driven threshing cylinder, with in-cab operated, infinitely variable speed control from 0-1230 RPM
    • Underslung, self-cleaning, quick-adjust concave with lock
  • Separation
    • Conveyor under concave for positive grain movement
    • Two-sieve seed separation system; upper sieve is 30”W x 75”L, lower sieve is 30”W x 47.5”L
    • One set upper and lower sieves included; specify crop
    • Variable speed winnowing blower
    • Fixed curtains to prevent rebounding of seed
  • Seed Handling
    • Fully pneumatic seed delivery with variable-speed cyclone blower
    • Large-capacity cyclone seed hopper
    • Folding cyclone hopper mount for transport
    • Electrically-operated weigh hopper mounted inside cab, with switches for driver and bagman 
    • Moisture detector mount in weigh hopper (no probe)
    • Return transfer auger from weigh hopper in cab to grain tank
    • 40-bushel grain tank with unloading auger, hydraulic auger pivot and operation
    • Solenoid-operated valves to control augers and remote operations
  • Miscellaneous
    • Heavy duty frame construction
    • Hinged safety guards
    • Interior inspection lights
    • Front and rear lighting
    • Flashers
  • SPC40 custom options
    • Header - corn, row crop, standard-reel
    • Head accessories
    • Drive train
    • Sieve sizes
    • Seed devitilizer
    • Automated seed packager


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