Plot Master Combine - PMC20

The preferred choice for harvesting cereal grains.

The PMC20's narrow wheel track makes this machine uniquely specialized for harvesting cereal crops.  Weighing in at only 5800 lbs this combine is lightweight, yet extremely rugged. Standard one or two person operation.

Financing and leasing options available.

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  • One or two person operation
  • Large tires provide flotation and greater traction
  • 7-bushel grain tank with option of 10-bushel upgrade
  • Weight and moisture analysis
  • Electronic Data Capture System
  • Unload auger
  • Pneumatic seed delivery
  • Air column cleaning system
  • Seed sample storage
  • Drive
    • Hydraulic drive system, forward and reverse
    • 40 h.p. Deutz air-cooled diesel engine
    • 30-gallon fuel tank
    • 8.3 X 24 front drive tires; 23 x 8.50 x 12 rear steering wheels, wide track
    • 60” outside wheel track
    • Power steering
  • Threshing
    • Mechanical threshing cylinder drive with sprockets for two speeds provided; cylinder speed range 250-1400 rpm. Optional variable speed drive available.
    • Threshing cylinder, 15” diameter x 31.5” wide, with eight metal raspbars
    • Underslung, self-cleaning, adjustable concave
  • Separation
    • Two-sieve separation; upper sieve is 30”W X 55”L, lower sieve is 30”W X 47.5”L with hinged section to control material exit
    • One set sieves included in base price; specify crop
    • Variable speed winnowing blower
    • Fixed curtain to prevent rebounding of seed
    • Exclusive air-column cleaning system
  • Seed Handling
    • Pneumatic seed delivery system
    • Equipped for one-person operation, with cyclone seed hopper mounted by driver
    • Gunny sack holder to store bagged samples
  • Miscellaneous
    • Hydraulic lift for header height adjustment
    • Safety guard screens 
    • Overall length 17’, overall width 6’, overall height 7’
    • Approximate gross weight: 4400 lbs

PMC20 Models

PMC20-A – Equipped with PMC20 specifications with the following options:

  • Gravity-dump 7 bushel grain tank mounted behind the operator
  • Cyclone positioned at driver’s left, in front of grain tank

PMC20-B –Equipped with PMC20 specifications with the following options: 

  • Gravity-dump 7 bushel grain tank, mounted behind the operator’s platform at center of the combine
  • Equipped with two-person top platform; second seat faces rear of the machine
  • Cyclone is mounted for proximity to driver, bagger, and grain tank.
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