Split Harvest Pro - SHP50

Specific for harvesting two, single-row plots in one pass.

Specialized soybean nursery plot harvester that enables one operator to harvest two, one-row plots at the same time! The SHP50 is complete with ALMACO's patented dual plot automated packaging system, seed storage hopper and pneumatic seed transfer.  A serious timesaver that harvests at speeds up to three times as fast as a conventional one-row plot combine.

Financing and leasing options available.

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  • Custom configurations available
  • Two individual harvesting systems to maintain purity
  • High tech operator’s cabin
  • Patented Automated Seed Sample Packager with laser scanner
  • Pneumatic seed delivery system provides less seed damage, higher germination rates, lower maintenance, and faster sample delivery
  • Proprietary or ALMACO sample discard or selection system and data capture systems
  • Air column cleaning system ensures sample purity
  • Bulk seed storage for discarded seed
  • Packaged seed storage hopper with quick unload
  • Multiple row crop header style options

  • Drive Train
    • Heavy duty frame construction
    • 73 hp Deutz 4 cyl. air cooled diesel engine
    • Hydrostatic traction drive
    • 37 gallon fuel tank
    • Power steering
    • Torque hub and wheel motor front traction drive
    • Hydraulic fail-safe brakes
    • Deutz ag-style engine oil cooler
    • High engine oil temperature shutdown
  • Wheel Track Specifications
    • 12.4" X 24" front drive tires on 69” centers; 81” outside
    • 8.51-14 rear tires on 73” center, 81” outside
  • Threshing Mechanism
    • Split threshing cylinders; 13.25” diameter, 8 bar metal raspbar type; 40” overall width
    • Single hydraulically driven variable speed control; push button speed control
    • Adjustable split underslung grated self cleaning style concave
    • Split isolated threshing chambers; 18” wide with 4” between
    • Single sieve separation
  • Separation
    • Split chamber with two separate single sieves for cleaning and separating
    • Seed conveyor belts under cleaning sieves and concaves
    • ALMACO’s exclusive air column seed cleaning system
    • Split squirrel cage winnowing blowers; adjustable output
    • Chevron belt conveyors deliver seed to air column cleaning systems
    • Adjustable curtain to prevent rebounding seed at plot entry
  • Seed Handling and Operator Platform
    • Independent seed venturi for each separation chamber
    • Dual pneumatic seed delivery systems to seed collection station
    • Ergonomic location of primary combine controls and gauge console
      • Single hydraulic header height control
      • Single hydraulic header speed control
      • Single threshing cylinder speed control
    • Viewing windows in cyclone seed hoppers
    • Sample storage bin located on side of chassis with hinged side access from ground level; quick unloading and easy handling of bagged samples.
    • 8 X 12 convex mirror to enhance operator’s view on the right side of the SHP50 where the packager enclosure is located
  • Miscellaneous
    • Hinged safety cover guards on moving parts
    • Length: approximately 19.5 feet
    • Width: approximately 96 inches (8 feet)
    • Height: 10 feet 6 inches
    • Weight: 10,000 pounds with header, packager and cab
    • Standard night lighting package
    • Front axle trash deflector


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