Commercial Split Harvesters - CR/TR

The research industry standard for harvesting of dual, twin-plot corn in a high-yielding research environment

The New Holland Twin Rotor combines are today's industry standard thanks to their proven reliability, high-performance, and durability.  New Holland combines are backed by exceptional service and support programs.  ALMACO offers a wide range of New Holland modifications that meet the individual need of our clients.  In the shop or in the field, you can always contact the ALMACO team for any assistance.  Simplify your operation...let ALMACO be your one-stop source for modifying and maintaining today's most productive split combines.

Financing and leasing options available.

Contact a Rep or call: (515) 382-3506

  • Custom configurations available
  • Pneumatic delivery system, single Crary blower
  • Variable speed blower baffle, eliminates most seed damage
  • 17-18 second plots, quiet operation
  • Split Seed Spector LRX technology
  • Automated data collection system with weight and moisture capabilities
  • Self leveling shaker pan
  • 4 load cells with summary board system, dual weigh system
  • Access platform, swing out weigh system
  • Pneumatic air doors
  • UHMW return auger, quiet and quick
  • Factory split head
  • Optional Harvest Max, packager, grinder
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