Floating Row Crop Head

  • Ideal for harvesting Soybeans and Dry Beans
  • Fits ALMACO SPC-20 and SPC-40 combines
  • Available in 2 Row 30" and 4 Row 20"
  • Fixed or Adjustable row spacing available in 30" to 40" range
  • Floating row units with rotary shoes for uniform cutting height
  • Patented gathering belt designed for smooth, uninterrupted material flow
  • John Deere cutting knives and drive components
  • Mini cleat pattern feeding belt for quicker cleanout between plots
  • Easy open, hinged, access panels for maintenance
  • Hydraulic driven speed adjustable from operator's seat
  • Adjustable, hinged, mounted row dividers
  • Mini cleat pattern feeding belt
  • Quick release side access panels for maintenance
  • Belt feed heads provide rapid and thorough clean-out

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