Seed Spector LRX

Data Capture Electronics

The Seed Spector LRX is designed to offer major improvements over previous models, including faster data processing response times, easier calibration processes, more control relays and increased memory for programming and calibration storage.  Plus, the Seed Spector LRX is compatible with existing Seed Spector installations.

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  • Programming of the hopper control string
  • Selecting temperature compensation routine
  • Selecting printer baud rate
  • Programming LED functions
  • Menu select relay functions on or off
  • Operate the relays from the keypad
  • Keypad entry of moisture tares
  • Remote trigger allows several optional programmable functions
  • Enhanced microprocessor
  • New LRX operating software code allows multi-tasking at higher speeds
  • High performance analog section
  • Enhanced sensor interface
  • Standard equipped with four relays
  • Expanded communication capabilities
  • Multiple calibrations per channel
  • Eight digital LED status indicators
  • Improved control port communication


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