Plot Prescription

GIS Field Mapping Software

ALMACO teamed up with Ag Leader Technology to bring you the latest in field mapping technology specific to the Seed Pro 360 planters. The Plot Prescription module provides you with 3-dimensional field layers including: soil type, fertilizer, and topography to pinpoint the most effective areas of your field for seed plot research.

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  • Map All Field Operations
    • Analyze harvest data, application records, as planted maps, etc.
    • Overlay yield maps with other field operations to determine how field activities affected yield across the field.
  • Soil Maps
    • Download soil survey data from the USDA for fields located in the US.
    • Provides data on soil types, water storage, CSR, multiple horizon layers, texture, etc.
  • 3D Terrain
    • Importing data from field operations provides the ability to display the field elevation characteristics in a 3D view.
  • Plot Prescription
    • Overlay a Plot Prescription to determine where to plant your higher level experiments.
    • Assign each range a population & trip count.
    • Export field map to Seed Pro 360 for hands free population rate changes.
    • Field map file auto populates GPS coordinates for SkyTrip baseline.
  • File processing from most precision ag displays

  • Sorts data by geography

  • Generate crop plans

  • Create, manage and export guidance lines

  • Print summary maps, charts, and reports

  • Write simple prescriptions

  • Download/import images

  • Query tools to analyze specific areas

  • Equation writing

  • Calendar view

  • 3D plotting and terrain viewing

  • Comparison analysis

  • Multi-year averaging

  • Network installation

  • Project management

  • Dataset playback


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