Our new HS-1 for harvesting hemp and CBD offers gentle wet-stripping of flowers and biomass, leaving stalks and stems intact in the field.

  • Rubber conveyors transport and offload harvested material.
  • Reduces harvesting labor by 95%!
  • Easily adaptable to many power units.
  • Rotating brushes strip the plant material.
  • The hydraulic drive system offers adjustable stripping speeds from 0 to 800 RPM.
  • There are multiple brush configurations available for different harvesting conditions.
  • The adjustable crop lifters ensure that the entire plant is harvested.
  • The height-adjustable offloading conveyor accommodates bulk collection preferences.
  • Interchangeable brush sections for custom needs.
  • Upscaling is available for large configurations or multiple-row harvesting.
  • No electrical requirement for operation.
  • Minimal maintenance needs.
  • Made in the USA using locally available components.

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