Dual/Single Packager

Patented Automated Seed Sample Packagers

ALMACO's patented automated seed packager is the industry leader in new technology.  Available as a single or dual unit, this diminishes the need for the bag and tag process, saving you time and money.

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  • Available for ALMACO split combines, SPC40 plot combines and split TR combines
  • 20 years of proven performance
  • Available with pneumatic sub-sample delivery system
  • ALMACO manufactured bags
  • Eliminates splicing within rolls of bags
  • Larger bar codes printed on bags increases bar code readability
  • Shortened bag delivery times
  • Multiple colors of bags
  • 120 volt and 12 volt power requirements
  • Air blast opening of perforated bags
  • Electronic sensing of bag positioning
  • Equipped with a bar code scanner that identifies bar code numbers on each bag and allows hand-held computer to associate bag number to plot location and other information
  • Adjustable thermal seal bar control with digital read out to control seal bar temperature
  • Seal bars that heat-seal bags once filled with seed
  • Either operator or computer confirmation to seal bags and cycle packager
  • Load shelf to support plastic bag while filling


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