Seed Processing Lines

ALMACO helps you save time and resources by automating your seed lab processes.  The ALMACO Seed Processing Line combines the functionality of each processing step (Shelling/Threshing, Cleaning, Grading, Color Sorting, Treating and Packaging) by pneumatically transferring seed from process to process. The process starts out with unprocessed crop and delivers 100% cleaned, sorted, treated seed at the end.  A complete Seed Processing Line from ALMACO will safely minimize handling, seed spillage, sample contamination and speed up your results.

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  • ALMACO Down Draft Table
  • ALMACO Cob Conveyor
  • ALMACO Maizer Sheller
  • ALMACO SeedBoss Grader
  • Color Sorter
  • ALMACO V-Stream Counter
  • R-12 Automated Seed Treater
  • ALMACO Air Transfer System
  • ALMACO Aspirator Systems
  • Waste Transfer System
  • Grinder
  • Dust Collection System

A typical ALMACO Seed Processing Line (SPL) processes samples up to 2.25 kg (5 lbs) each in ~45 seconds per sample.    

This can be adjusted to more or less time depending on the sample size and other specific requirments. 

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