Belt Thresher

BT14 Belt thresher. Perfect for Soybeans, small grains, and hemp.

Designed specifically for threshing single plants or bundles of soybeans, sugar beets, edible beans, hemp, or other similar crops. Wide rubber belts gently remove seed from plant material for pure seed samples and minimal damage. Belt design offers superior operator safety.

Financing and leasing options available.

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  • For use on soybeans and other crops with podded grains or heads of grains
  • Adjustable clearance between belts to regulate threshing aggressiveness
  • Air column cleaning system for clean, pure seed sample
  • Feeding chute
  • Side delivery seed collection chute
  • Designed for use by a single operator
  • 14” wide threshing belts
  • Trash containment curtain
  • Hinged safety cover guards
  • SAE standard size drive components
  • Power Type    
    • ¾ HP 220V 60HZ Electric Motor
    • ¾ HP 110V 60HZ Electric Motor
    • ¾ HP 220V 50HZ Electric Motor
    • 3.5 HP B/S Gas Engine
  • Machine Base Type
    • Axles w/ tongue (wheel truck)
    • Stationary stand
    • Stationary stand with casters
  • Threshing Belt Type
    • Upper/Lower – smooth
    • Upper/Lower – chevron
    • Upper/Lower – mini cleat
    • Upper smooth/Lower chevron
    • Upper chevron/Lower mini cleat
    • Upper smooth/Lower mini cleat
    • Upper mini cleat/Lower chevron
  • Upper Trash Deflector
    • Deflector w/ window and flipper
    • Standard trash deflector
    • Threshing plenum
  • Additional Options
    • Interlocking guard safety
    • Catch bucket
    • Root cutter
    • Tag holder
    • Axle lift
    • Aspirator adapter w/ dust cover
    • Outlet poly dust cover
  • Domestic Crate
  • Export Crate


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