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ALMACO Precision+

Combine Preventive Maintenance and Fleet Services Plan

ALMACO Precision+ Preventive Maintenance Service is designed to lower your overall cost of ownership by planning your maintenance needs throughout the year for a fixed cost. This maintenance offering is specific to each machine and provides you with the maximum amount of uptime each season.

ALMACO will perform this service based on your level of need. We will perform your maintenance to meet your specific schedule, either in our factory service center or at your location.  All maintenance parts are included and will be exchanged prior to their estimated failure rate or as needed as indicated by wear.

Each Combine Preventive Maintenance includes a 118 point service inspection/calibration. Parts and labor for the following items are covered in the Preventitive Maintenance price. 

Maintenance Checks

  • Run and test all machine functions

  • Check hydraulics pressures

  • Check and top off hydraulic fluid up to 2 gallons of ATF

  • Check all shaft speeds and adjust as needed

  • Test LRX weight and moisture for consistent empty reading (does not include calibration)

Routine Cleaning 

  • Clean engine oil cooler

  • Clean hydraulic oil cooler

  • Clean radiator

  • Clean winnowing blower fans

Replacing Components

  • Replace engine outer air filter

  • Replace engine safety air filter

  • Replace engine oil
  • Replace engine oil filter

  • Replace engine fuel filters

  • Replace inline fuel filters

  • Replace hydraulic oil filters

  • Replace cab (AC/Heat) air filter

  • Replace LRX battery

  • Replace all conveyor belt lace pins

  • Replace idler sprockets as needed

  • Replace V and flat idler pulleys as needed

  • Replace single V-belts as needed

  • Replace SMV sign as needed

  • Replace swell latches as needed

  • Replace cam locks as needed

  • Replace ¼ turn guard fasteners as needed

  • Replace rain cap as needed

  • Replace torque hub oil as needed

  • Replace rim clamp bolts as needed (Check torque if already Grade 8)

Additional Standard Maintenance 

  • Grease entire machine

  • Provide a quote of all recommended repairs and upgrades that are not covered under the Preventitive Maintenance plan.

  • Detailed service report outlining any discrepancies found during our inspections and functionality test.

ALMACO preventive service plans are designed to maintain your combine at factory standards.  Multiple unit discounts are available. This plan adjusts, lubricates, calibrates, and replaces maintenance parts prior to their mean failure rate.

Services Outside of Preventative Maintenance Plans

Device failures outside of routine maintenance described in this document are considered repairs and will incur an additional cost for parts. Examples of repair parts and services not covered in our routine maintenance include but are not limited to the following: 


Complete hydraulic fluid replacement                   Bearing and shaft replacement parts

Conveyor belts                                                      Ogura clutch

Hydraulic wheel motors                                         Datcon tachometer

Neutral safety switch                                             Engine battery

Threshing cylinder rasp bars                                 Omega drive coupler parts

Control cables

In order to fully inspect and test your combine, we will need to run the machine. Please have your combine well fueled to avoid additional fuel charges. 


*Prices in effect until 12/31/22
**Additional airfare charge outside of the Continental United States may apply

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