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Our Story

Rich History

Founded in 1876 as Allan’s Blacksmith and Welding, ALMACO is the oldest business in Story County. Since the 1970’s, we have been innovating and manufacturing custom equipment for our clients’ research needs – not only in the field, but wherever their research takes them. We offer a family-business working atmosphere that encourages autonomy and creativity while delivering results in the workplace. We take pride that our talented employees work to constantly improve our products and processes.

Our strengths lie in our ability to quickly turn our clients’ needs into reality, our cutting edge technology developments, and our commitment to supporting our equipment throughout its (long) lifetime.

Our Mission

ALMACO will form an alliance with clients to help them pursue their research goals.

At ALMACO, we believe in the importance of building a stronger, more sustainable agricultural industry. This is rooted in the belief that seed holds opportunity.

To achieve this, ALMACO provides seed research companies and land grant universities with innovative, exceptionally-engineered, and high-quality solutions for their work.

Our equipment enables our clients to make advancement decisions to determine what seeds are the best quality, most nutrient dense, and have the greatest yield potential. That seed is marketed to farmers who then plant, cultivate, and harvest it to meet the world’s growing needs for food, fuel, and fiber.

While our clients focus their efforts on advancing the potential in every seed, our team works tirelessly to exceed expectations through the products we create, the total solutions we provide, and our unwavering commitment to service.

Our Values


Our integrity is demonstrated through our honest business practices and mutual respect for all – which leads to long-term and trusting relationships. Our diligence is shown in our vigorous pursuit of our mission and goals, our constant attention to potential risks, and our acceptance to change to ensure an ongoing and successful business. Our reputation for quality products and service is earned by what we do and how we do it.

These three values guide our work each day. Our customers know they can count on the honesty and fairness of ALMACO, and on the high quality of our people, service, and products.

Family Owned and Operated

ALMACO is owned and managed by the Clem family. Our company’s values of Integrity, Diligence, and Reputation are founded in Christianity and displayed in our daily stewardship of the business.

ALMACO has taken great pride in serving the Agricultural Research Industry over the years. As we look to the future, we look beyond the research field plots. We position our business around the entire process of seed research with the goal of providing innovative technologies to the industries that help feed the world.

We sincerely appreciate your business and the relationships we have forged along the way. We look forward to serving you globally in the field and beyond as your partner in seed research.

~The Clem Family

Our People

almaco staff patrick clem 2023

Patrick Clem

Chief Executive Officer

almaco staff christian clem 2023

Christian Clem

Chief Solutions Officer

almaco staff dave freeman 2023

David Freeman

Chief Financial Officer



Joining the ALMACO team isn’t just about getting a new job; it’s about joining a new family. We know our employees by name – not employee number – and that makes a big difference in the way that we do business. Our employees tell us that they can’t find another environment like ours, where everyone is friendly and willing to help you with your task. Our team members have a strong sense of achievement and involvement in our processes.

Engineering Services

Designs on Demand

Clients can tap into the vast experience and problem-solving skills of our Engineering team on a project-by-project basis. Contact us and let’s talk about the challenges you’re trying to solve.

Custom Manufacturing Services

Ideas, Built from Scratch

Our experienced team is available to support your goals. This can be anything from fabricating a single replacement part to a complete build-out of a new machine.