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Seed Research Preventative Maintenance

Seed Research Technology

Protect Uptime
with Precision+

ALMACO Precision+ Preventative Maintenance Service is designed to lower your overall cost of ownership by planning your maintenance needs throughout the year for a fixed cost. This maintenance offering is specific to each machine and research program and provides you with the maximum amount of uptime each season.

ALMACO will perform this service based on your level of need to your specific schedule, either in our factory service center or at your location. All maintenance parts are included, and will be exchanged prior to their estimated failure rate, or as indicated by wear.

Precision+ Combines

Plot Harvester Service Plan

Each Combine Preventative Maintenance includes a 118 point service inspection/calibration. Parts and labor for the following items are covered in the Preventative Maintenance price.

Combine Preventative Maintenance Includes:

– Maintenance Checks
– Routine Cleaning
– Replacing Components
– Standard Maintenance

Precision+ Planters

Plot Planter Service Plan

Each Planter Preventative Maintenance includes a 136 point service inspection/calibration.

Planter Preventative Maintenance Includes Inspection/Calibration in the Following Areas:

– Maintenance
– Tool Bar and Hydraulics
– Transmission
– Cable Winder (if equipped)
– Vacuum System
– Row Units
– Seed Pro Meter Service
– Control and Remote Boxes

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