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Seed Research Electronics


Smart and Reliable

Designed to meet and exceed expectations, ALMACO Seed Research Electronics are sophisticated enough to exceed expectations and intuitive enough for easy operation. Our modern seed research software and electronic solutions enhance industry-leading ALMACO planting and harvesting machines.

Planting Electronics

SkyTrip app

SkyTrip GPS

Safely plant research plots without the use of a cable with the patented SkyTrip GPS Plot Tripping System.

almaco mobiledemand field map

Field Map

Map out each field location prior to the planting season and change population rates and plot lengths on the fly.

almaco mobiledemand plot prescriptions

Plot Prescription

Use 3D field layers like soil type, fertilizer, and topography to pinpoint the most effective areas of your field.

MobileDemand Screen

Mobile Demand

Military-grade, fully-rugged tablet platform for the ALMACO SkyTrip GPS system.

Harvesting Electronics

D1 Data Collection Unit Technology

D1 Data Collection Unit

Provides accurate yield data on the go and in real time, including test weight, shell weight, and moisture data. 


Vantage HD Harvest Software

Capture plot data information and control harvester plot processing functions.

MobileDemand Screen

Mobile Demand

Rugged, military-grade tablet used with ALMACO harvest software and data collection system.

Mirus Harvestmaster


ALMACO is a HarvestMaster distributor for harvest data technology solutions.

Client Portal

Stronger Together

Designed to meet and exceed our customer’s exacting standards, the electronics at ALMACO are created by our team of engineers to enhance our industry-leading mechanics. From user interfaces and data collection software to the design of electro-mechanical, multi-axis motion control systems, ALMACO can create the exact solution to further your research.