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Interchangeable Harvester Heads

Auger Platform Head

The ALMACO Auger Platform Head enables the sickle section to float up to 10 degrees up or down for a 20-degree cutting span. The head floats over the ground and is able to adjust to uneven terrain for a cut closer to the base of a plant. The added auger helps to feed the harvest material evenly for a clean sample and helps minimize plugging of the threshing cylinders. The head a versatile, multi-crop attachment and is commonly used for cereal grain, soybeans, podded plants, and more.



– Ideal for cereal grains, soybeans and dry beans
– Fits ALMACO SPC-20 and SPC-40 Combines
– Drag chain feeder housing provides aggressive and even feeding for increased capacity
– Custom cutting widths available from 60” to 96”
– 5 bat aluminum pick up reel with fore/aft adjustment and adjustable height
– Adjustable skid plates
– Center auger for feeding assist

Compatible With: