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Interchangeable Harvester Heads

Standard Platform Head

The ALMACO Standard Platform Head is the most economical combine header with cutting height set manually using gauge wheels. Reel height and speed is adjustable hydraulicly from the harvester cab with ease. Hydraulic adjustable speed and reel height. The multi-crop head is versatile and commonly used for crops including cereal grain, soybeans, podded plants, and more.



– Ideal for harvesting soybeans, dry beans, cereal grains and small grains
– Fits ALMACO SPC-20 and SPC-40 Combines
– Available with 39″, 45″, 51″ 57″ or 60″ cutter bar widths
– 5 bat aluminum pick up reel
– Mini cleat pattern feeding belt
– Hydraulic reel height adjustment
– Hydraulic lift for header
– Floating bean saver snouts pivot mounted to header
– Adjustable gauge wheels to adjust cutter bar height
– Hydraulic driven reel with speed control adjustable from driver’s seat
– Two optional snout styles handle problems created by lodged or tangled crops
– Belt feed heads provide rapid and thorough clean-out

Compatible With:

Harvest Pro – HP5