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Seed Research Planting Systems

Planting Systems

Smart & Scalable

Precise planting means the best data for seed research professionals. ALMACO multi-crop planting systems are made to meet the unique needs of the seed research industry and are scalable to your operations, big or small.


Row Crop Systems

All ALMACO plot planters are custom-built to your exact specifications. You choose the number of row units, the seed metering system, and other options to fit your research needs.

ALMACO Planter

Grain Drills

All ALMACO Grain Drills are designed to uniformly plant a wide range of grains, seeds, and grasses while leaving less footprint on the soil.

Grain Drills

Hand Operated Planter

Ideal for small plots, ALMACO’s Hand Operated Planters are easy to use and durable enough to last for years.

ALMACO Hand Operated Planter

Planting Electronics

ALMACO planting electronics have been designed to deliver for the modern seed research industry. Put them to work increasing your plot planting efficiency to move your seed research forward.

ALMACO Planting Electronics

Used Equipment

Competitive pricing. Lasting quality.

Shop our selection of used ALMACO seed research machines. Our quality pre-owned combines, planters, and other equipment can fit in any research budget.

Equipment Rentals & Leasing

Upfront gains.

Need a piece of equipment for a short period of time? ALMACO offers a program for seed researchers to rent just the piece a seed researcher needs. We call it an Operational Lease. We also offer a Capital Leasing program which could help lower initial payments while working toward an equipment purchase.