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Row Crop Planting Systems

SeedPro Elite Research Planter

Our patent-pending ALMACO SeedPro Elite Research Planter delivers the most precise seed placement and the best targeted plot dimensions compared to any other plot planter in the industry. This means your border plants in each plot have equal sunlight exposure and soil nutrient opportunity. In addition, carryover is reduced because it is easier to harvest each plot without taking plants from each other. Aligned alleys and uniform plot dimensions are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also drive better data. Combined with electrical individual row controls and flexible mapping, SeedPro Elite provides unrivaled control of your seed research data and unmatched data quality.


Industry Leading Accuracy
Electric-drive motors and individual row controls deliver the most precise seed placement through row-by-row population planting for ultimate control over research plot data. Synchronization between rows and automated timing generates immaculate plot starts every time for consistent seeds in each row.

Operation Flexibility with Control
Manage your research your way with flexible mapping including variable rate by row, variable length by row, and variable length within the same pass—all without stopping to reset plot lengths. Speed-compensated planting controls maintain an even seed placement for consistent data no matter the environment.

Intuitive User Interface
Experience a new intuitive user interface for easy operations and simple planter controls that can be set up in just minutes to get to the field faster.

Diverse Compatibility
Easy integration with your tractors and any guidance system adds additional operational flexibility. Upgrade packages are available for current planters and seamless compatibility with the ALMACO automated planting system, PowerPlant.



  • Standard: Corn, Soybeans, Sorghum, Sunflowers, and Cotton.
  • Contact ALMACO if Interested in Other Crop Types.
  • Max 30
  • Motors 1 Per Row
  • IO Controller 1 Per Planter
  • Number of Rows Up to 8
  • Row Spacing 15″-40″
  • Alley Length 24″-60″
  • Plot Length 1′-10,000′
  • Vac 15 GPM
  • Steering Reserve 1-5 GPM
  • Meters 0
  • PowerPlant 2-3 GPM
  • Total Without PowerPlant 16-20 GPM
  • Total With PowerPlant 18-23 GPM
  • Motor Draw Per Row 1.25-4.5 A
  • Minimum 5Hz
  • Compatible 10 Hz and 20 Hz

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