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Find a New-to-You Plot Planting or Harvesting Solution Today!

ALMACO has a continuous cycle of quality planters, combines, and other equipment available to help you achieve goals for many seasons to come. Looking for a specific piece of used ALMACO equipment? Just contact us, let us know what you’re looking for, and you’ll be one of the first to know if a solution you’re interested in becomes available.

Used Equipment For Sale

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Combine Head 1

ALMACO provides a wide range of combine heads designed and manufactured to strict standards. Each head is hand crafted and designed to maximize efficiency when harvesting a variety of crops.

Choose from Row Crop Heads, Corn Heads, Standard Platform Heads, Draper Heads, Standard Floating Real Head with Air Assist, and more.

SPC40 Combine

The SPC40 is the industry’s most flexible plot combine, offering more customized options than any other seed research combine on the market. It includes ALMACO’s patented automated seed packaging technology. Perfect for multi-crop plot harvesting including: soybeans, corn, rice, small grains and hemp in all crop research field configurations.

96 inch Standard Auger Head

The feeder housing provides even feeding for increased capacity, ideal harvester head ideal for cereal grains, soybeans, dry beans, and more.

Used 2-Row ALMACO Row Crop Head

Header for SPC20 or SPC40 combines, this head is ready for your row crop needs.

HP5 with Row Crop Head

In a class of its own, the HP5 is the world’s only one-row, multi-crop combine. Its compact size and light weight provides maximum maneuverability and easy transportation. The HP5 is specifically designed to harvest up to 30,000 single-row plots per season. Multiple sample handling configurations are available to meet your research requirements.

Drawn 4-Row SeedPro Planter

SeedPro’s efficient design will meet your needs for a simplified, high-precision seed meter.

Used ALMACO drawn 4-row Seedpro planter with a single telescoping toolbar with 30” row spacing. John Deere Max Emerge 2 row-units with insecticide hoppers.

2 Row Fixed Row Crop Head

Fixed head for row crops, made for SPC20 and SPC40 combines.

2 Row Adjustable Row Crop Head

Adjustable row crop head for a SPC20 or SPC 40 Combine.

1988 SPC Combine FI

The SPC20 revolutionized the seed research industry by providing fast, efficient multi-crop plot harvesting. The SPC20 provided the automation springboard necessary for the global expansion and development of today’s seed research industry. Multiple sample handling configurations are available to meet your research requirements. Crops commonly harvested: corn, soy, wheat, rice, canola, barley, grass, and hemp.