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ShoulderMaster and ALMACO Partner on Innovative Technology

ShoulderMaster is proud to announce a manufacturing and engineering partnership with ALMACO. In 2023, ShoulderMaster positioned themselves for growth through a solidified partnership with ALMACO, the global leader in seed research equipment and a prominent leader in manufacturing and engineering services. ShoulderMaster is an industry pioneer in designing and manufacturing purpose-built road construction equipment. In a strategic partnership, ALMACO will be providing manufacturing and engineering services for ShoulderMaster, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of cutting-edge road-building solutions.

“Partnering with ALMACO is a key step for ShoulderMaster as we continue our mission to deliver innovative road construction equipment,” said Craig Pinson, Managing Director at ShoulderMaster. “ALMACO’s reputation for quality, innovation, and commitment to safety aligns seamlessly with our values. We are proud to have equipment manufactured in the United States by ALMACO and look forward to driving further advancements in road construction technology while making a positive impact on the communities we serve.”

ShoulderMaster solutions, including Spreader Trailers, Shoulder Pavers, Sweepers, and Water Carts, are created by road construction professionals for road construction professionals. Compared to traditional road construction methods, ShoulderMaster solutions specialize in innovation, performance, sustainability, and safety features. The company has expanded its program to introduce a fleet of purpose-built road-building equipment operational across Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

“ALMACO is excited to embark on our partnership with ShoulderMaster,” said Mark Smith, Chief Operating Officer at ALMACO. “ALMACO and ShoulderMaster are both leaders in their fields as well as family-owned companies. We are looking forward to manufacturing high-quality ShoulderMaster products right here in the USA and supporting ShoulderMaster in the advancement of technology, sustainability, and safety for road construction.”

Group of ALMACO and ShoulderMaster employees

The collaborative efforts between ShoulderMaster and ALMACO are poised to make a lasting impact on the road construction industry by fostering innovation and redefining the benchmarks for achieving road construction goals. The partnership sets the stage for a future where leading solutions meet the evolving needs of road construction professionals around the world.


Founded in 2015, ShoulderMaster delivers road construction solutions, including Spreader Trailers, Shoulder Pavers, Sweepers, and Water Carts. Created by road construction professionals for road construction professionals, ShoulderMaster specializes in innovation, performance, sustainability, and safety. For more information, please visit

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