R1 Rotary Single Plot Combine

Revolutionary, patent-pending top feed rotor harvests research plots faster, cleaner, and gentler than comparable research combines.

Get the most out of your research plots! The R1 plot combine's advanced, rotary threshing and high torque design enables earlier harvest of large green plants, tough stems and high plant foliage. This greatly increases the harvest window, allowing you to start harvesting plots earlier and finish faster.

The R1 operates at faster harvest speeds while producing less seed damage, cleaner samples, easier cleanout, and lower seed loss than competitive models. With its easy to change concaves and simple, interchangeable head design, the R1 is ideal for use in seed research programs with multiple crops.

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  • Exclusive 5-year warranty
  • Ideal for Soybeans, Wheat, Flowers, and more
  • Revolutionary, patent-pending top feed rotor
  • Easily interchangeable/removable concave
  • Advanced Torque King™ 4WD
  • Internal conveyor belt for optimum seed transfer and control
  • Fully hinged panels for easy access to all subsystems
  • Advanced hydraulics minimize mechanical drives for increased precision and smooth operation
  • Pivoting, hydraulically driven straw chopper for easy cleanout and access
  • Advanced air cleaning system with sieve and winnowing blower
  • Stainless steel fuel cell
  • Available with multiple interchangeable heads:
    • Row Crop Head
    • Floating Standard Head
    • Floating Standard Auger Head
  • Microcontroller based operating system for fast, easy diagnostics, adjustments and operation.
    • *Plus+1® operating platform with 7” high resolution color display
    • Electronic one touch adjustment and control of key machine functions
    • Integrated safety, warning, and diagnostic features 

Removing and installing the R1 combine header

Removing and installing the R1 combine concaves

Removing and installing R1 sieves

R1 Informational Brochure

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