Small Vogel Plot Thresher

The SVPT Small Vogel Plot Thresher is specifically designed for threshing single plants and heads of various crops

Specifically designed for threshing single plants and heads of various crops.  Interchangeable cylinders and concaves will adapt thresher to harvest most types of grain.

Financing and leasing options available.

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  • Designed to thresh single plants
  • Feeding hopper
  • Grain rebounding baffle
  • Auxiliary beater and strawpuller
  • Wooden base with steerable truck assembly
  • Grain catch pan
  • Side sacking chute
  • Threshing Cylinder/Concave Type
    • Metal Raspbar cylinder w/ concave
    • Round spike cylinder w/ concave
    • Rubber coated MRB cylinder w/ concave
    • Rubber v-belt raspbar cylinder
    • Square spike cylinder w/ concave
  • Power Type
    • ¾ HP 220V 50HZ electric motor
    • ¾ HP 110V 60HZ electric motor
    • 4 HP Honda gas engine
  • Additional Options
    • Seed catch pan
    • Square spike cylinder w/ bearings
    • Round spike cylinder w/ bearings
    • Metal raspbar cylinder w/ bearings
    • V-belt raspbar cylinder w/ bearings
    • RCMRB cylinder w/ bearings
    • Square spike concave
    • Round spike concave
    • Metal raspbar concave
    • Rubber v-belt raspbar concave
    • RCMRB concave
  • Spare Parts
    • Replacement v-belts (gas)
    • Replacement v-belts (electric)
    • Replacement bearings (gas)
    • Replacement bearings (electric)
    • Replacement RRB set (v-belt)
    • Replacement RCMRB set
    • Replacement MRB set
  • Export Spare Parts
    • Gas engine
    • Electric motor
  • Domestic Crate
  • Export Crate


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