Large Plot Thresher

The LPT-Large Plot Thresher is specially suited for threshing small grains such as Wheat, Barley, Canola, Soy and Hemp. Threshing capacity is similar to a plot combine yet small enough to tow. Commonly utilized for seed purity and regulated work.

The LPT is commonly utilized for seed purity and regulated plot work due to its unique design which allows for easy cleanout and no seed carry-over.  A versatile, high-capacity machine perfect for threshing large plots of small grains, cereals, forages, legumes and Hemp. Threshing capacity is +/-1800-2000 lbs of threshed grain per hour.

Financing and leasing options available.

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  • Multiple threshing cylinder and concave configurations
  • Variable speed v-belt drive threshing cylinder
  • Winnowing fan
  • V-belt drives for low maintenance
  • Rubber cushion torsion axle assembly
  • Combination tail/stoplights, turn signals, rear reflectors
  • Ideal for soybeans, cereals, oilseeds and many other crops
  • Threshing Cylinder/Concave Type
    • Metal raspbar
    • Rubber raspbar
    • Spiked tooth
    • Metal raspbar
  • Variable Speed Drive with elec. clutch
    • Standard: 400rpm - 1400rpm
    • Cylinder slow down option: 150rpm-650rpm 
    • Cylinder speed-up option: 750rpm - 3000rpm
  • Sieve Type
    • 10 mm sieve
    • 18 mm sieve
    • 6 mm sieve
    • 20 mm sieve
    • 22 mm sieve
  • Power Type
    • 8 HP Honda gas engine w/ electric start
    • 8 HP Honda gas engine
    • 10 HP diesel engine w/ electric start
    • 10 HP diesel engine
    • 5 HP 220V 50HZ electric motor
    • 5 HP 220V 60HZ electric motor
  • Axle Type
    • Torsion Axle
  • Seed Handling Chute
    • Air delivery
    • Seed chute
  • Additional Options
    • Seed catch bucket
    • Seed tag holder
    • Electric cylinder clutch for v/s drive
    • Air compressor with horizontal tank


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