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Interchangeable Harvester Heads

Floating Row Crop Head

The ALMACO Floating Row Crop Head enables sickle floatation up to 10 degrees up or down (20 degrees span). Each row floats independently moving with the contours of the ground for a consistent cut height at the base of each plant.  The versatile header is multi-crop capable and is commonly used for cereal grain, soybeans, podded plants, and more.



– Ideal for harvesting Soybeans and Dry Beans
– Fits ALMACO SPC-20 and SPC-40 combines
– Available in 2 Row 30” and 4 Row 20”
– Fixed or Adjustable row spacing available in 30” to 40” range
– Floating row units with rotary shoes for uniform cutting height
– Patented gathering belt designed for smooth, uninterrupted material flow
– John Deere cutting knives and drive components
– Mini cleat pattern feeding belt for quicker cleanout between plots
– Easy-open hinged access panels for maintenance
– Hydraulic driven speed adjustable from operator’s seat
– Adjustable, hinged, mounted row dividers
– Mini cleat pattern feeding belt
– Quick release side access panels for maintenance
– Belt feed heads provide rapid and thorough clean-out