Flexible Row Spacing Planters

Precision planting with the convenience of an easily adjustable toolbar that provides row spacing from 12" to 40".

Available row units include:  Kinze Evo, John Deere or Great Plains.  The system is complete with adjustable guage wheels and a fully adjustable, aluminum operator platform.  ALMACO's operator platform is not only adjustable to many operator configurations and row spacing, it requires no tools.  The flexible toolbar can be used with GPS or cable tripping systems, ALMACO CTS units and many seed distribution customized to meet your specific needs. 

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  • Custom configurations from 2-24 row options are available.
  • Unique triple-roller design accurately singulates ungraded, unsized seed. No seed size sensitivity.
  • Large diameter pick-up plate means lower plate RPMS and consistent seed pick up.
  • Revolutionary design allows retrofits and affordable upgrades.
  • SeedPro retrofits are available for most commercial planters including Case IH®, John Deere Max-Emerge™, Kinze®, Bertini and Great Plains row units in any number of row configurations.
  • Available with several monitoring configurations.
  • Toolbar
    • 7" X 7" square tube toolbar
    • Three-point hitch, combination category 2 and 3
    • Two adjustable drive-gauge wheels for 3 toolbar heights
    • Lugged or smooth tires
    • Adjustable row spacing: 12"-40"
    • Jack stands
  • Planter Units
    • Double disk openers with depth control from 0 to 3 inches
    • Tillage system
    • Trench closing system
    • Adjustable pressure Vee-style closing wheels
  • Plot Equipment
    • SeedPro single plate metering units with vacuum pick up drives
      • Convenient seed loading from operator's seat
      • Pivoting seed holding chamber with release door
      • Modified Case IH®, pick up plates
      • Air cylinder operated switching control
      • Air compressor installed on planter
      • Case IH®, triple roller singulation design
    • Vacuum System (mounted on planter)
      • Hydraulically driven large capacity vacuum pump and manifold
      • Hoses and metering valve for connecting to tractor remote with ISO quick coupler ends
      • (JD ends available)
    • Multiple personnel carrier configurations available
    • Adjustable seed packet holders
    • Vacuum muffler
    • Voltage ohm meter stored on planter
    • Hubble snap connectors
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