D1 Data Collection Unit

D1 Data Collection Unit

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Features and Benefits

The ALMACO D1 Harvest Data Collection Unit has a modern design with readily available parts and components to protect your uptime. An upgrade from an LRX to a D1 is cost effective and requires no change to your current weight system, load cell, or moisture blade. 

D1 provides accurate yield data on the go and in real time, including test weight, shell weight, and moisture data. With exceptional durability and an intuitive user interface, D1 is the solution for accurate data and faster advancement decisions. 

Durable Design

No need to remove the data collection unit in poor weather, for transport, or to be stored overnight! D1 is water resistant, rust resistant, dust resistant, and capable of operating at high temperatures up to 185° F (85° C) and low temperatures down to -40° F (40° C).

Integrated and Intuitive User Interface

Controlled completely from the Vantage HD Software, D1 can be placed out of sight for improved operator visibility. Calibration is simple, the interface is easy to navigate, and all curves/graphs are fully visible within the software itself. 

Versatile Operations

Capture harvest data your way from a single solution; D1 can measure yield data from all crop types. D1 is a solution compatible with plot combines, seed processing lines, individual threshers, and can be used with both ALMACO ASP and APx packagers.

Standardized Equipment Architecture

D1 has no internal battery which requires less maintenance and removes any risk for losing curves due to power loss. The unit is compatible with electric and pneumatic actuators for added flexibility and is a simple replacement for other similar bucket systems. 

Industry Leading Service

D1 is designed for easility accessible parts to keep you running season-after-season. Protect your uptime with built-in troubleshooting diagnostics, unmatched warranty, and premium 24/7 service from ALMACO.



  • Multiple sample sizes available - accuracies down to 0.01 lbs.
  • Multiple hopper sizes to meet client needs
  • Multiple-sized test weight options


  • 0 - 25% at +/- 0.50% accuracy
  • 25-30% at +/- 1.00% accuracy
  • 30-35% at +/- 1.50% accuracy

Test Weight

  • 95% of samples at +/- 0.80 lb/bushel

Stabilization Time

  • Initial reading speed of approximately 1.8 seconds

Cycle Time

  • Cycle time for 20 ft. plots for dual plot harvest is 6-10 seconds

Notice to Seed Spector Clients

SS2 and SS5 products are no longer available to be purchased or serviced. In the event of a device failure, D1 is a simple, cost-effective replacement that will require a Vantage HD software update.

The SS LRX is no longer available as a new purchase; however, ALMACO will continue to service the LRX units temporarily. Service parts and LRX loaner units are available on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.

Learn more in our ALMACO Service Technical Bulletin.

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